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HJWL Membership

Classes of Membership


Active Membership


Active members shall consist of those members who abide by the Standing Rules and By-Laws of Holland Junior Welfare League.  They shall be active participants of their commitment for their 6-year term and have paid their annual membership dues.  An active member shall enjoy all rights, privileges and obligations of membership.



Provisional Membership


Provisional members are those who are in their first semester of HJWL.  A provisional member may not hold an elective office during her provisional semester. To learn more about what it takes to become a member, see Join HJWL.



Alumnae Membership


Alumnae members are those who have served HJWL for their 6-year commitment.  They shall be entitled to the privileges of HJWL, not including a voting right.   Members who have resigned prior to completing their 6-year membership, but were in good standing prior to resignation, and had fully paid their dues, are also considered Alumnae and are offered benefits determined by the current active membership.


Sign up for the Alumnae Newsletter and receives updates about HJWL.

See HJWL Alumae page.


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