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About the Holland Junior Welfare League

Holland Junior Welfare League (HJWL) is a local non-profit, charitable organization managed by a group of dedicated women who volunteer their time and talents to raise money and perform service projects for children in the greater area of Holland, Michigan. The organization’s mission is "to enrich the lives of children" in the greater Holland area and extended surrounding communities: Zeeland, West Olive, Grand Haven and Hudsonville.


The Need to Impact Children of Local Communities


West Michigan has been considered thriving as one of the best places in Michigan and the U.S. to raise a family, yet there is still a portion of our community who struggle. Over the past 10 years The State and Federal government has cut funding for social  programs aimed towards developing kids by 10%, even though social programs have proved to be a successful and beneficial for communities over time.


With limited access to programs for help, it is more so up to communities to recognize the needs of their community and help fill the gaps. This is where HJWL helps.


For 90 years, HJWL has maintained a proud history of partnering with dozens of local agencies and community groups with similar philanthropic goals: to support the needs of children in the community, to supply tools and resources for children that will foster grow, and ultimately,  provide in a way that will directly impact the life of a child and help them succeed in all areas of life. 


See Impact for a list of organizations HJWL supports.

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