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Join HJWL! 


Becoming a member is easy and fun! We gladly welcome any philanthropic women age 21 and up who are interested in volunteering their time and talents to help children in our community through fundraisers and service activities. 

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I want to join HJWL! Who do I contact? 


Please contact the Membership Chair and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in HJWL!

What is HJWL? What makes this non profit different from others?


HJWL is local non profit organization made up of a group of local women who have an passion for volunteering, an interest in their community and desire to help children. Every member is a volunteer and every penny raised goes back into the local Holland/Zeeland communities.


How does HJWL help local children?


HJWL helps children in two main ways:


1) We raise money and distribute it to organizations in the community that help children succeed in life. See Fundraising


2) We participate in local service projects throughout the year. See Community Service

How do I become an HJWL member/volunteer?


We welcome women, age 21 and up, who are interested in helping children and are willing to work hard promoting our fundraisers and service activities. At the beginning of each semester, new member events are held for those who are interested in joining and learning more about the organization.


Please feel free to try out our organization by attending a few meetings or events in order to understand how easy and fun it is to be a part of this fantastic group of women!

Is there a cost to join? How much are dues? 


Annual dues are $190. Half may be paid at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. Dues are considered tax deductible donations.

When, where, and how often does HJWL have meetings?


HJWL meets in the evenings two Mondays of each month during the school calendar year, September through May. Meetings are held in various locations such as a restaurant or company facility.


What is the time commitment for an HJWL member?

In addition to meetings, participation in service projects, fundraisers and events is on a volunteer basis, and sign-up sheets for participation are passed around in advance at meetings.  We ask members to participate in events they are able to commit in accordance with their schedules.


To promote membership continuity, we ask members to commit to membership for 6 years. Once an HJWL member has completed 6 years of service, they are considered an official alumnae of the organization and are no longer required to attend meetings or participate regularly. ​ 


What are the benefits of HJWL membership? 


The major benefit of becoming a HJWL is the satisfaction of knowing you are positively making a difference in the lives of many children in your own local community. Other benefits are using your talents for the greater good, becoming involved in your community, getting to know like-minded women in your area, leadership experience, friendship, social events, and fun!


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