Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HJWL?
HJWL is a group of women who want to help children in the Holland/Zeeland communities.

What does HJWL do for children?

HJWL helps children in 2 main ways:
1) We raise money and distribute it to children's organizations in the community.
2) We participate in several service projects each year for children or other children's organizations.

What is the process to become a member?

We gladly welcome any philanthropic woman, age 21 and up, who is interested in helping children and who is willing to work hard promoting our fund raisers and service activities. 
To promote membership continuity, we ask members to be a part of our group for 6 years. Please feel free to try out our organization by attending a few meetings or events in order to understand how easy and fun it is to be a part of this fantastic group of women! 
If interested, please fill out the form under contact us to have our Membership Chairperson contact you. Thank you for your interest!

When & where does HJWL meet?

We meet on the every other Tuesday of each month at 7:15 pm, with the exceptions of June, July, August and December. We meet in a conference room of Fifth Third Bank on 8th Street in downtown Holland.

What fundraisers does HJWL sponsor?

  1. We sell 3 different HJWL cookbooks.
  2. We host a ladies' luncheon/auction each winter, called Kids At Heart Luncheon
  3. We host a couples' evening auction each spring, called Spring Benefit

How can I order an HJWL cookbook?

There are several places to order one of our cookbooks. Please start here.

What service projects does HJWL participate in?

Our regular service projects include:
  1. Winter Wearables 
    • HJWL provides hundreds of hats, mittens, sweatpants and underwear each year to local public elementary schools for children who are in need of these clothing items.
  2. Ottawa Area Center Christmas Party
    • The Ottawa Area Center (OAC) is a public school serving students with cognitive impairments. HJWL hosts a Christmas party, complete with purchasing small presents for each child and providing a session (photo included) with Santa Claus.
  3. Ottawa Area Center Fine Arts Festival
    • The Ottawa Area Center (OAC) is a public school serving students with cognitive impairments. In the spring, HJWL hosts a craft booth for the OAC's arts festival.